Are you a potential patient for Osseointegration? 

The OPRA™ Implant System is an innovative method allowing the direct connection of an artificial limb to the skeleton. The prosthesis is firmly attached through a quick connection. Available for both upper and lower limbs, as a result the system has given hundreds of amputees from all over the world the freedom and ability to once again walk, perform tasks and enjoy life. 


Skåne Care team will navigate you through the process and makes all administrative and financial arrangement on the Swedish side. A devoted and efficient team is ready to help, just an email away.

We focus on the details, allowing you as a patient and the professionals at Art Clinic to focus on the care.

1. Medical care request

Apply for the procedure above. We will guide the patient through the paper work.


2. Verification and agreement

Once all documents required have been received, we will evaluate your case and if you are applicable for surgery. Following this we will schedule a first digital meeting with the clinic. Depending on the outcome of the first meeting we can then verify the cost and agree on a preferred date for your surgery.

3. Payment

The first digital meeting with the clinic is invoiced separately. The cost for the treatment is set depending on the required interventions and you will need to ensure full financial coverage in advance.

4. Logistics and visa

The treatment plan and supporting medical report will be sent to you in advance if you need to apply for a visa. For more detailed information about visa application, see the Swedish Migration Board

Meet the doctors

Every patient who undergoes Osseointegration surgery is looked after by a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals. Each member of the team is essential in looking after different aspects of care for the patient.

Dr niclas Andersson

Orhopedic surgeon

Dr. Niclas Andersson is an experienced orthopedic surgeon and sports physician with a special focus on knee surgery and hip and knee prosthesis surgery.
Niclas is medically responsible for orthopedics at Art Clinic and responsible for Osseointegrated Prostheses together with Rickard Brånemark, founder of Integrum.

Dr rickard brånemark

Dr Brånemark is the founder and owner of Integrum AB and was CEO between 1998-2015.

Founder of Integrum Osseointegration

He has pioneered studies of titanium implants to anchor limb prostheses for more than 20 years. He has carried out more than 200 such operations.
Along with being the most experienced surgeon in this field, Dr. Brånemark is internationally recognized and was, for example, awarded the Hanger Prize in 2007 for his contribution to amputation research. He is now visiting associate professor at the Orthopedic Oncology and the Orthotic and Prosthetic Centers at UCSF, San Francisco.

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