Life changing procedure for amputees

Osseointegration, or bone anchored prosthesis, is a natural phenomenon that has revolutionized the implant industry since the discovery made by Dr. Per-Ingvar Brånemark in the early 1960’s. 

Integrums OPRA™ Implant System has been used by hundreds of amputees since the world’s first osseointegration surgery in 1990 and has been proven in several clinical studies. Together with private hospital and center of excellence; Art Clinic, we are proud to bring this life-changing procedure of osseointegrated prosthesis for patients with an amputation looking for world class care in Sweden. 

What are the advantages of osseointegration over traditional prosthetic limbs?


With a titanium bone-anchored attachment, you can move more freely and on a more regular basis, as you will not need to worry about chafing or discomfort.


A bone-anchored prosthesis is attached without using a socket, which ensures stability and the rapid attachment of the prosthesis without any need for additional tools.


The absence of the prosthetic socket enhances comfort and enables above-knee amputees to, e.g., sit more comfortably and give patients the ability to cross their legs.


Heat, sweating, and chafing are all common problems among users of socket prostheses. With the OPRA™ Implant System, you do not need to think about these problems. 

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